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Data Policy


These are our data management principles

You are the owner of your data. Even if its origin is public, you have the authority to change its status to private at any time.

It Is Your Data, Not Ours

If you want your data to be deleted, there's no problem—just send us a message, and we will take care of it promptly.

Right to Be Forgotten

As a starting point, we only use the data that you have explicitly made public, such as your public professional profile on open platforms. Any other data that we might add is strictly on-demand.

Only Data That You Made Public

Our tools are designed to facilitate connections among people, not to monitor or measure performance. Our priority is to foster positive interactions and networking.

Data for Good, Not Surveillance

Unlike platforms that lock in your data, our goal is to help you unlock and maximize its potential. We provide tools and support to enable you to leverage your data for your benefit.

We Help You Do More With Your Data

We believe that data can and should empower those who produce it. Compliance with regulations such as the GDPR is merely our starting point. Our commitment is to go beyond compliance, ensuring that our practices enhance the autonomy and empowerment of our users.

Beyond Just GDPR Compliance:

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