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Our app fosters impactful connections among colleagues over coffee or lunch at the office. Unleash the power of AI-powered networking within your own organization. With Pattrnz, companies truly get to know themselves.

AI-enabled Workplace Introductions

Reinvent office dynamics by fostering deeper, meaningful interactions even in a hybrid setup

Strengthen Hybrid


Bridge departmental divides. Unlock the innovation that arises from unexpected cross-functional chats

Enhance Inter-functional Communication

Harness the power of face-to-face conversations to recognize, develop, and celebrate your organization's in-house talent

Boost Discovery and Recognition of Internal Talent

We Spark New Conversations to:

Meet: Pattrnz Connect

Our user friendly application for everyone in the organization

and our insights-rich dashboard for power-users

A digital assistant to empower organisational transformation, one conversation at a time

Key Impact Areas

Drive organizational change and nurture a robust company culture through purposeful conversations.


Change Management & Company Culture

Foster collaboration that fuels innovation and growth, one conversation at a time.


Innovation and Business Development

Promote a diverse and inclusive environment by breaking conversational bubbles and encouraging interactions across all backgrounds.


Diversity and Inclusion

Retain, develop, and recognize talent through enhanced integration and engagement at the workplace.


Talent Management

Our Distinctive Edge

Why Choose Pattrnz?

Dive right in with near-zero setup time.

Instant Integration

We prioritize your security by using only publicly available data, ensuring your private information stays just that — private.

Your Privacy Matters

Delve deep with our back-office analytics to truly understand your organizational dynamics.

Rich Insights

Experience powerful networking through a user-friendly interface.

Seamless Connections

Real-life conversations at the workplace matter


We believe in the power of face-to-face conversations. By encouraging regular 1:1 chats over lunch or coffee, we strive to bridge the knowledge gap between employees from different teams within your organization. This not only fosters a culture of collaboration but also sparks unexpected innovations and strengthens inter-departmental relationships.

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