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Our solutions foster impactful insights and transformative workplace actions through advanced capability mapping and matchmaking applications.

AI-enabled Workplace Solutions

Reinvent office dynamics by fostering deeper, meaningful interactions even in a hybrid setup.

Strengthen Hybrid


Bridge departmental divides. Unlock the innovation that arises from unexpected cross-functional connections.

Enhance Inter-functional

Harness the power of insights and targeted connections to recognize, develop, and celebrate your organization's in-house talent.

Boost Discovery and Recognition of
Internal Talent

Our Focus


Our Distinctive Edge

Why Choose Pattrnz?

Dive right in with near-zero setup time.

Instant Integration

We prioritize your security by using only publicly available data, ensuring your private information stays just that — private.

Your Privacy Matters

Delve deep with our back-office analytics to truly understand your organizational assets.

Rich Insights

Search and discover internal capabilities at your organization through our user-friendly interface.

Easy to Use

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  • How does Pattrnz work?
    Pattrnz offers AI-powered solutions that have as an starting point the public professional profiles of your employees, the most important organizational asset that you have.
  • What do you mean by 'Capability Mapping and Matchmaking'?
    "Capability mapping" and "matchmaking" are methods used to identify the strengths and skills of the organization as a whole and its employees ("capability mapping") and then align these with the needs and opportunities within the company ("matchmaking"). In other words: Capability Mapping: This is like creating a detailed map of all the different skills and knowledge that each employee has. Imagine if every worker had a profile that listed what they are good at, such as customer service, marketing, or financial analysis. "Mapping" these abilities helps the company see the full picture of talents they have at their disposal. We gather public professional profile data data to do this. Matchmaking: Once we have the map of everyone's capabilities, "matchmaking" is the process of connecting the right people to the right tasks, challenges and/or other people. It's like setting up a friend on a date, but instead, you're setting up an employee with a project, colleague or role that fits them perfectly. Applied to workplaces, these solutions help companies understand their employees' strengths and then put them in the best position to succeed, improving the business and the customer experience in the process.
  • How does Pattrnz prioritize user privacy?
    We prioritize user privacy by using only publicly available data. This ensures that private information remains confidential, and users can confidently engage with our platform.
  • How quickly can we integrate Pattrnz into our organization?
    One of Pattrnz's standout features is its near-zero setup time. We've designed it to be user-friendly, ensuring that organizations can quickly and seamlessly integrate it into their daily operations.
  • What is Pattrnz all about?
    Pattrnz focuses on facilitating connections within organizations. This is materialized through advanced capability mapping and matchmaking.
  • Why is now the right time for a solution like Pattrnz?
    With the rise of hybrid workplaces, the opportunities for spontaneous and meaningful office interactions have diminished. Additionally, large companies face challenges in serendipitous cross-functional conversations, and there's an increasing emphasis on connecting different functional areas. Pattrnz addresses these challenges by making inter-departmental communication more accessible and meaningful.
  • Who is Pattrnz ideal for?
    Pattrnz is designed for organizations looking to enhance internal communication and collaboration. Whether you're a General Manager, ESG/DE&I Manager, Business Developer, or Talent Manager, Pattrnz offers tailored benefits to support your role.

Bridge the gaps between teams from merging organizations, fostering meaningful connections that harmonize corporate cultures and accelerate integration.

Merge and Acquisitions

 With Pattrnz new hires can more easily integrate into the company culture, connecting with colleagues across departments to rapidly feel at home and engaged.


We help you focus your efforts on those more likely to leave the organization and create smart actions that help them integrate and better develop.

Talent Retention

We facilitate the formation and strengthening of professional communities within your organization, enabling knowledge-sharing and collaborative growth among like-minded individuals.

Communities of Practice

We help you promote interactions across diverse backgrounds, breaking conversational silos and fostering a truly inclusive workplace where every voice is heard and valued.

Diversity and Inclusion


Connect individuals from varied departments and backgrounds to spark unexpected collaborations, driving innovation from the cross-pollination of ideas.

Collaboration for Innovation

Applications Areas