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Talent Dashboard 👩‍💻


Effortless talent insights using as a starting point pre-existing public professional profiles. No more depending exclusively on incomplete profiles from your intranet. We can get you started right away.

No need to depend only on the completeness of your in-house HR data.

We ensure that all profiles start pre-filled with relevant information from online public professional profiles from the start.

A talent insights dashboard for your organization without the setup hassle. 


Focus on strategic thinking. We will take care of providing you with the information that you need to plan impactful talent initiatives.


Insights that matter. From HR to Business Development and Collaborative Innovation

We integrate insights that go from individuals to the entire organization and back. You will be surprised by the range of variables that our dashboard covers.

Powerful insights, minimal effort.

A fully featured dashboard that helps you visualize a wealth of insights about your human capital with ease. Now, you can focus on what matters: strategic thinking.

What it does for you

⏳ Less time building dashboards = big savings

We help you bootstrap any initiatives aimed at making sense of the internal capabilities that you have in-house, particularly the talent within your organization.

🔐 Mindful of Privacy and Sensitive Data

HR data is some of your most sensitive information. That is why we minimize the use of connections with internal company systems, using instead as much as possible public professional profiles and only complementing that data with additional information when it is strictly necessary and safe to do so.

🏎️ Foster an agile work environment.

Avoid bottlenecks and time-consuming data-gathering and analysis tasks when you need to make informed decisions. Also, make available talent insights to more people within your organizations in a safe and easy manner.

Proud of those who have trusted us