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Pattrnz Enterprise Pilot Program 🧑‍💻


An opportunity, open to a select number of enterprises, to deploy free-of-charge our newest solutions and co-develop exciting new features together.

Gartner's research highlights the importance of pilot programs for testing and refining AI solutions in real-world settings, enabling companies to assess the business value and operational feasibility of new technologies. Top drivers include the opportunity for collaborative development, risk mitigation by experimenting in a controlled environment, and the potential for rapid innovation and learning, all aimed at aligning technological capabilities with strategic business objectives.

However, only 19% of organizations are currently running a pilot program. Let's take you there 🚀!


  • A package of services valued at 14.000 USD dollars free-of-charge, including one or more of our standard solutions.

  • We will co-develop at least one new feature for you.

  • Inclusion of up to 500 collaborators/employees within the delivered solution(s).

  • Evaluation report with analytics and learnings at the end of the 6-month evaluation program.

  • After the program ends, if you subscribe to any of our plans, you will be exempt from the standard setup fee and won't have to pay the custom development costs for any of the features or activities developed during our program. If you decide not to subscribe to the solution, you are also exempt from any fee.


  • You will have a designated person who will act as the main point of contact and internal project champion.

  • During the 1-month co-development process, your internal project champion will participate in 1 weekly meeting to receive updates from the sprints and provide feedback and requirements. All the meetings should be booked in advance at the beginning of the process.

  • We will only use non-sensitive data within the pilot to facilitate the process. However, if you decide to upgrade to one of our standard plans during or after the pilot, we can set up an instance with additional security and sign the necessary data-related agreements.


  • Contact us indicating you would like to apply to our program.

  • We schedule a 30-minute call to evaluate the mutual fit. During that call, we will let you know if your organization qualifies.

  • After that, we will start a 1-month co-development and deployment process led by us with weekly sprints.

  • At the end of the 1st month of the program, you will have a solution fully deployed and ready to use.

  • You will enjoy free-of-charge the solution for a period of 6 months, including premium support.


  • The applicant must be a knowledge-intensive organization with 200 or more employees who are primarily engaged in knowledge-intensive activities. This condition will be assessed during our initial evaluation call.

  • Please note that you should be willing to communicate and receive material in English.

  • The applicant must be a representative of the organization with sufficient authority to approve pilot programs of this kind.

  • The organization must be willing to be named as a pilot participant in our program.


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