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About us


Pattrnz, co-founded by Pedro Parraguez Ruiz and Nelson Guamán Leiva, works at the forefront of AI-enabled workplace solutions. We specialize in solutions that foster impactful insights and transformative workplace actions through advanced capability mapping and matchmaking applications.


Our team, based across Chile, Portugal, and Denmark, applies expertise in network science, data engineering, and AI to address the challenges of siloed work environments in knowledge-intensive organizations.

We focus on practical, easy-to-use tools that improve talent management and enhance inter-functional communication. We offer applications for use cases such as mergers and acquisitions, team assembling, talent retention, and more, emphasizing pain-free deployments and respect for sensitive data.

At Pattrnz, we strive to connect workplaces by recognizing and utilizing the untapped potential within organizations, helping them to thrive in an evolving work landscape.

The people behind developing Pattrnz


Our core team

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Proud of those who have trusted us

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