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AI Team Assembler ✨


Enhance your internal recruitment and staffing by effortlessly pinpointing the perfect individual or assembling a diverse, multi-disciplinary team from within your organization. It's as simple as copy-pasting a project description.

No need to create professional profiles for your people from scratch.

We ensure that all profiles start pre-filled with relevant information from online public professional profiles from the start.

Describe your objective and the number of people to allocate; we take care of the rest.

Just write down a description of your project, challenge, idea, etc. You can even copy-paste text from pre-existing documents.


Results: smart, custom recommendations for balanced cross-functional teams.

No more missed opportunities to include valuable collaborators. This is internal staffing, turbocharged. 

Amazing results, minimal effort.

A smart digital assistant that helps you find the right people in your organization to implement your best ideas 🙌

What it does for you

⏳ Involve the right people early on.

Avoid costly project delays and conflicts by getting key stakeholders and perspectives on the table. No more avoidable blind spots.

🏢 Save by solving your problems in-house.

Discover and recognize internal talent more easily. Also, save on expensive external consultants and avoidable new hires.

🏎️ Foster an agile work environment.

Allow anyone in your organization to quickly identify those who can help them solve challenges, big and small. Avoid bottlenecks and time-consuming guesswork.

Proud of those who have trusted us