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Pattrnz for consultants and management consulting firms

Management consultants thrive on blending strategic insights with data-driven evidence to drive transformations. Patternz augments your toolkit with enriched data and AI analytics, revealing deeper insights into your client's organization. This translates to more persuasive proposals, enhanced client value, and increased success in driving change initiatives.


Transform data-driven insights into actionable change with our customizable, white-label solutions. Our dashboards, AI-driven talent mapping, and cross-functional communication tools  accelerate impactful results for both you and your clients.

White label tools for you and your client

What we do for you

Access a unique view of your client's organization via enriched public professional profiles of their employees. This positions you ahead of competitors relying on traditional and time-consuming data acquisition methods.


Accelerate your understanding of client organizations with advanced data analytics. Instantly uncover skill clusters, professional and educational backgrounds, client capabilities, and more. All without a single line of code.

AI analytics

Solutions Gallery


Identify gaps between teams from merging organizations, fostering meaningful connections that harmonize corporate cultures and accelerate integration.

Merge and Acquisitions

Facilitate the integration of new hires or groups into the company culture, matching colleagues across departments to strengthen organizational culture.

Integration and Alignment

Find those that are more likely to leave the organization and create smart actions that help them integrate and better develop.

Talent Retention

Use insights from data and analytics to form and strengthen professional communities within your client organization, enabling better knowledge-sharing and collaborative growth.

Communities of Practice

Map multidimensional diversity, beyond only gender and ethnicity.  Use your findings to promote interactions across diverse backgrounds, breaking conversational silos and fostering a truly inclusive workplaces.

Diversity and Inclusion

Connect individuals from varied departments and backgrounds to spark unexpected collaborations, driving innovation from the cross-pollination of ideas.

Collaboration for Innovation

Key Applications Areas within Management Consulting &
Management of Change Initiatives

Pricing & Plans for Consultancy Partners

Our starter plan


150 EUR / month per licensed client.

✨ Your first client license is on us for 3 months!

✅  Price includes up to 200 profiles per licensed client

✅  One product per client from our list of solutions.

✅  Weekly incremental profile update cycles  ℹ️

​✅  2 automatic full data updates per year.

✅  Continuous access to product updates.

✅  Premium support and training for your consulting firm.


For those that need more

250 EUR / month
per licensed client

✅  Up to 500 profiles per licensed client.

✅  Choose two products from our list of solutions.

+ all that is included in
the essential plan

Advanced features

Select from a wide range of options and create your own plan:

☑️  Support for thousands of profiles.

☑️  Choose from any of our solutions.

☑️  Dedicated data server.

☑️  Custom API.
☑️  Custom data integrations.
    - Enrichment
    - Data sources
☑️  Data dumps on demand.
☑️  White labelling.
☑️  SSO/SAML. 
☑️  Premium support.
☑️  Comprehensive implementation support.
☑️  Data engineering services
☑️  Premium integrations
    - Slack
    - Microsoft Teams
    - Trello

Pilot Program

Apply to our program for an opportunity to co-develop future solutions together. Either your own consulting firm or one of your clients can receive a fully deployed, enterprise-level solution as part of the program.

* Plus applicable VAT

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