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Characterizing Design Process Interfaces as Organization Networks: Insights for Engineering Systems Management

Updated: Apr 10

This is a summary of a journal article co-authored by Dr. Pedro Parraguez, published in Systems Engineering (2016): 10.1002/sys.21345

In this paper he ventures into the relatively uncharted territory of systematically identifying and analyzing the interfaces between engineering design activities through the lens of organization networks. which highlights a gap in existing literature regarding the detailed understanding of process interfaces' structural and compositional impacts on engineering process performance. By viewing these interfaces as networks of people and their interactions, the research introduces a novel approach to dissecting and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering design processes.

The methodology proposed in this paper for characterizing process interfaces and assessing their influence on interface problems aligns with Pattrnz's core principles of leveraging organizational networks to enhance operational capabilities. The findings from the application of this approach to a power plant development project—analyzing 79 process interfaces—underscore the critical role of structural and compositional elements of process interfaces in predicting and mitigating interface problems.

This research dovetails with the Pattrnz article's emphasis on using capability mapping and matchmaking as tools for unlocking organizational potential. By providing a framework for a deeper understanding of the connections and flows between various segments of an organization, the paper's insights complement Pattrnz's data-driven strategies for optimizing organizational design and collaboration. The implications for engineering systems management—especially the integration of process and organization architectures and the identification of performance metrics related to interface problems—echo Pattrnz's approach to facilitating seamless and effective collaboration across organizational boundaries.

In essence, the paper by Pattrnz's CEO Dr. Pedro Parraguez, not only advances the field of engineering design research by offering a groundbreaking method for characterizing and managing design process interfaces but also reinforces the foundational principles behind Pattrnz's platform. The synthesis of these ideas highlights the potential for significant improvements in engineering systems management through a better understanding and strategic manipulation of organization networks, marking a step forward in the pursuit of operational excellence and innovation in complex engineering projects.

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