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Quantifying technological change as a combinatorial process

Updated: Apr 11

This is a summary of a journal article co-authored by Dr. Pedro Parraguez, published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2020): 10.1016/j.techfore.2019.119803

The paper "Quantifying Technological Change as a Combinatorial Process" by the CEO of Pattrnz (Dr. Pedro Parraguez) not only advances the academic understanding of how technological developments unfold but also lays the groundwork for the practical application of these insights in the realm of organizational development and matchmaking. By introducing a scalable, cross-domain method that leverages a large database of bioenergy R&D records, the paper reveals patterns and rates of technological change, pre-empting conventional recognition in literature.

This approach mirrors and enriches the principles detailed in Pattrnz’s article on capability mapping and matchmaking. Specifically, the methodology developed for quantifying technological change underscores the significance of analyzing vast datasets to uncover hidden connections and trends. This analytical depth complements Pattrnz’s mission to harness the power of data to identify potential within organizations, facilitating optimal matches between projects, teams, and individuals.

Pattrnz’s platform, inspired by the CEO’s research, transcends traditional domain-specific analyses by employing a holistic view of data and technology evolution. The platform’s capability mapping and matchmaking functionalities are underpinned by a sophisticated understanding of technological development as a dynamic and combinatorial process. This enables Pattrnz to offer unique insights into organizational capabilities, fostering innovation and strategic alignment in rapidly evolving industrial landscapes.

The integration of these two bodies of work illustrates a seamless transition from theoretical exploration to practical implementation. It showcases how cutting-edge research on quantifying technological change can inform and enhance technological platforms aimed at unlocking organizational potential. Through this synthesis, Pattrnz is positioned at the forefront of leveraging combinatorial processes of invention and technology development, offering actionable insights for research, industry, and policy.

In essence, the foundational research by Pattrnz's CEO not only contributes a novel quantitative indicator for technological change but also embodies the core of Pattrnz's approach to catalyzing organizational growth and innovation. The parallels between the paper's findings and Pattrnz's operational strategies highlight a coherent, data-driven methodology for navigating and leveraging the complexities of technological evolution within the organizational context.

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