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Connecting Professionals with Innovation: Discover Pattrnz, the Tinder of Professional Networks ✨

Updated: Apr 11

This is a summary of a news article by Magical Startups, published in LinkedIn

Pattrnz: The Tinder for Professional Connections in Your Company

Did you know a Chilean startup founded in Denmark is using AI to revolutionize how colleagues connect within your company?

Pattrnz is a platform that recommends colleagues you should meet for coffee or lunch, sparking new ideas and fostering collaboration. This "Tinder" for professional connections identifies potential conversation topics to make your chats even more productive.

Now that you've heard about the platform, let's see it in action. The video below will give you a visual tour of it and its features.


There's more to discover about Pattrnz's international team, their work with cutting-edge companies, and their exciting future plans.

  • Learn about this startup on their website

  • Read the full article on Magical's LinkedIn post to learn how Pattrnz can transform your workplace

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