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Pattrnz Graduates from Accelerace's Beyond Beta Program

Updated: Apr 9

Pattrnz's participation in the Beyond Beta accelerator program, powered by Accelerace, marks a significant milestone in the startup's journey. Beyond Beta represents the next generation of accelerator models, distinguishing itself by offering a unique blend of a free online pre-accelerator and a comprehensive 5-month accelerator program designed for Danish startups poised for rapid scaling​.

The program is structured to cater to startups at the pre-seed stage with a proof of concept, focusing on equipping them for rapid scaling through various services, including industry-specific incubator programs. Beyond Beta operates with the ambition of transforming Danish startups into future scaleups, addressing the challenge that many newly-established companies face in scaling to the extent of their international counterparts​

Pattrnz benefited from the tailored approach that Beyond Beta offers, including access to an exclusive network of top-tier industry experts and seasoned founders, professional leadership training, and workshops aimed at refining the startup's narrative and preparing it for investment rounds​​.

With more than 60% of Beyond Beta alumni successfully raising funding, accumulating over 173 million in total, the program has demonstrated its effectiveness in preparing startups for success. Pattrnz's journey through Beyond Beta not only highlights its potential as a high-growth startup but also showcases the innovative and supportive ecosystem that Accelerace has cultivated for Danish startups aiming for international expansion​.

For more detailed information on the Beyond Beta accelerator program and its impact on startups like Pattrnz, visit their official websites:

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