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Our Beyond Beta Journey

Updated: Apr 9

Participating in the BeyondBeta Accelerace cohort wasn't just an experience; it was a transformative journey that reshaped the future of Pattrnz. The intensive, hands-on approach provided by the program’s mentors, combined with the innovative curriculum, propelled us beyond our limits and redefined what we thought possible.

A Community of Innovators

One of the most invaluable aspects of Beyond Beta was the community it nurtured. Surrounded by like-minded innovators and seasoned industry veterans, we were immersed in an environment brimming with creativity, ambition, and mutual support. The feedback, ideas, and insights we received were nothing short of inspiring, pushing us to refine our vision and strategy.

Mentorship That Makes a Difference

The mentorship at Beyond Beta was unparalleled. Each session was a deep dive into the nuances of scaling a startup, tailored specifically to the challenges and opportunities within Pattrnz. These interactions were crucial in preparing us for the investor meetings that ultimately led to securing our seed funding.

A Milestone Achieved

Our participation culminated in the closing ceremony, a momentous occasion that not only celebrated our cohort's achievements but also marked the beginning of our next chapter. The energy, enthusiasm, and sense of accomplishment were palpable, as each team showcased their progress and potential.

Check out some photos of the final event

Looking Forward

As we look ahead, the lessons learned and connections made during Beyond Beta will undoubtedly fuel our journey forward. We are not just leaving the program with seed funding; we are moving forward with a reinforced foundation, a clearer vision, and an expanded network of supporters who believe in Pattrnz’s potential.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Accelerace, our mentors, fellow participants, and the supportive community that surrounded us. Your guidance, feedback, and encouragement have been instrumental in reaching this pivotal milestone.

Stay Tuned

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey ahead. Follow our progress, engage with us, and witness how the seeds planted during Beyond Beta grow into the innovations that will drive Pattrnz forward

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